Happy Customers

  While on vacation from Colorado, most people are happy to bring home a Florida tan.

But the brightest glow going back to Colorado will be the shine of sterling silver and gold on Deb N.’s Powell-Sonare PS61 flute.

  Angel D sounds like an angel on her new Emerson brand sterling flute with gold lip plate.

The SOL200, with in-line G and drawn tone holes, sports features found on many high-end flutes at an affordable price.

 Cindy B holds her new Armstrong 303B flute.

With a sterling silver headjoint, open holes, low B and Gizmo key it has all the features to sound great. Play it proudly, Cindy!


 Gianna S sounds so great on her new Powell Sonare sterling flute with rose gold lip plate.

We bet your fellow flutists at Pioneer Middle will be wanting to give your new flute a spin!


 It was a Tropical Storm Isaac surprise for Jorge R.

Despite the weather, Jorge and family drove to Florida Flutes and ended up with a great sounding, super playing Altus professional flute.

 Maryem B is amazed at the sound and beauty of her Powell Conservatory Aurumite Flute with Philharmonic headjoint.



 Monica P just picked up the Azumi and played!

This open-hole flute features the supurb sound of Britannia silver in the Z cut headjoint.

Along with a B-Foot with Gizmo, and silver keys and body, it’s a wonderful flute.

 This Powell-Sonare 600 Series flute will find a new home in the American Heritage flute section.

Ricky H. joins an ever-growing list of flutists who have discovered Florida Flutes.


 Another happy flute owner! Selena A had her heart set on a new flute and the Armstrong 800B made her heart sing.

This inline sterling silver beauty with gold lip plate and low B is a grand choice.

 Vanessa G loves her new sterling silver Armstrong 800B flute as it plays and sounds wonderful.

The gold lip plate not only looks great but adds to her surperb tone. Great pick Vanessa.


 Nick B., a University of Central Florida flute major, beams with his new, vintage, Powell Custom Flute.

Nick becomes the latest musician to find his “Soul and Sound” at Florida Flutes.


 Octavio C exclaimed “My 1927 Haynes looks brand new!”

This vintage Haynes flute was restored and overhauled by head repair technician Mark, and now it looks like new, and plays like a dream!

 Christina G is off to USF in style and sounding great with her new Yamaha YFL674 Sterling Silver flute.



 Katie K could not be happier now that she has her new Trevor James Cantabile flute.




 Stephanie S just picked up her Powell flute, expertly overhauled by Straubinger Certified Technician Brandon S.



 Briana S – standing proudly with her new all Sterling Silver Powell-Sonare flute with Rose Gold Lip Plate.

Briana sends her thanks out to her teacher, Alyssa Kimpel, for her guidance in choosing a flute.

 Catherine P came in on Saturday to try flutes and found her sound and soul in her new Powell Conservatory sterling silver flute.

Enjoy it Catherine.


 Chrissy LaBarbera (right) poses with her new Trevor James Virtuoso Flute and her teacher Marilyn Maingart.



 Dr. Tracy Banner of Tallahassee happily posing with her brand new Powell Signature flute — with Fred Schiff, owner of Florida Flutes.